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"As one aligns with ones divine nature one naturally becomes peaceful within. And from that quiet pool of peace, priceless pearls of wisdom fall as ripples upon the shores of ones mind."

— Marco

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When our energy is low , it's harder to believe there are light beings that can come into our space. But this is when we need them most and when they are there to help....more


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Affirmations and Prayers

Angel Prayer and Healing Bowls are a gift from the angels and help us align with the lighter more joyous part ourselves. It is from a joyous feeling that one creates a life that is truly rich in joy. Healing BowlWhat becomes our reality is the product of our feelings and thoughts, and thus it makes sense to create from that which feels good.

The angels ask us now to reach only to that which feels good within, for as we do, we align with the heartfelt calling of our inner being. This feel good feeling allows us to become more passionate and positive about all we so wish to create and bring into our lives.

Angel Bowls are but a place to where two dimensions become one. They are in themselves a high frequency angelic energy field. As you place your loving thoughts into the bowl, they are immediately heard as they are absorbed into this field.

As one declares a clear heartfelt intent and allows that to be reinforced in clear written form, one begins a powerful creating process. As one adds a joyous feeling of accomplishment and completion to that intent, as if already been fulfilled, Prayer bowlone begins to create with great momentum. As one allows that intent to be released with love into the Angelic field of the bowl, one is making a powerful request to the universe, a request that is already being delivered.

One can magnify the vibration of ones heartfelt feeling by meditating with the bowl such that one may elevate themselves to a lighter feeling state. In that lighter more joyous state one is able to declare with a purer heartfelt intent, and thus as one releases this intent into the bowl it becomes even more magnified. An intent that comes from a lighter more joyous feeling place is free of need and anxiety, and thus is more aligned with ones true nature, and to that which is love.

Below is an example of a positive affirmation that one may write as one experiences much criticism in ones life. As you will notice, it is expressed in present tense, as if already fulfilled.

"Dear ______  thank you for helping me remember how beautiful and special I am and for helping me to see the immense beauty in others.   I am special and I have many beautiful qualities which are unique to me.  I choose now to feel good about who I am and to freely express what makes me smile within.  I truly love being me and freely allow others to be who they truly wish to be.  I am special and every day I am reminded of this"