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"Light is everywhere.. Wisdom is everywhere ... It all begins and all ends with the universe and we are part of the divine plan of the universe so let's live life feeling blessed and spreading the wondrous light that is within each and every one of us with unconditional love for ALL that is "

— CatherineRebecca

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Dedicate a little time in your day to "YOU" time. Sit and hold your sculpture or prayer beads - and in doing this you are inviting a sacred divine energy into your space - feel into that energy - the purity and unconditional love which is especially for you....more


Holistic mystic event Dorking

Sunday 25th February, 2018 - Sunday 25th February, 2018


  • Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking RH5 6AA


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Meditating With Angel Bowls

People meditate for many different reasons. These might include the desire to reach a deeper state of consciousness or to gain insight into the nature of life. Some meditate to attain a greater sense of peace and harmony in their lives, and some meditate because they feel less stressed and better able to cope with life. The reasons are far and many, and as one looks to why, one realises that at the very core, there is but a simply desire to be happier within.

From a personal perspective I feel that meditation is a way in which one can quieten the mind such that one can be more aligned with ones true nature, and in doing so attain a peacefulness that is naturally reflected into the whole of ones reality.

Life can get pretty hectic at times and we often forget to dedicate time to ones own personal development. Amidst the mayhem of life, the mind can become cluttered and compressed as it is bombarded with a thousand and one mind boggling possibilities and scenarios.

Through focusing the mind, meditation can elevate one to a lighter part of oneself, where one feels more peaceful within. From this better feeling space one naturally becomes more focused and clearer about the direction of ones life. One also becomes less tainted by the lower vibrating aspect of ones self. This is the part of us that feels hurt, fear and guilt, the part of us that feels separate and alone. Moving to a lighter state one naturally becomes less influenced by these feelings.

Through meditation one naturally becomes more in tune vibrationally with ones divine nature. From that quiet pool of peace, priceless pearls of wisdom fall as ripples upon the shores of ones mind.

As one holds an Angel Bowl one is dedicating a moment to peacefulness. Ones senses become focused through touch and vision, and this allows the more earthly doing part of nature to become pre-occupied. As the mind quietens it becomes relaxed, and as it becomes relaxed, it becomes the quiet pool to which a greater awareness is unfolded. It is an awareness that is not new to you, for it is an awareness that is and always has been within you.

Angel Prayer and Healing Bowls are a portal to which only the lightest vibrating energies flow, and thus as you meditate with one you are connecting to the flow of pure goodness and wellbeing, to an all knowing energy that holds within it the blueprint of all creation. It is an energy that is naturally balancing and rejuvenating.