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"Give yourself a few moments of me time everyday ... in the sanctuary of your bedroom or out in nature. Ask for the higher realms to come into your space and as the beautiful energy envelops you with light, know you are loved 💖"

— Catherine Rebecca


Inspirational Message

10th November, 2010

Finding Peace within chaos

Hello dear ones.
On this journey you may encounter people,challenges which really question yourself..your choices..your chosen life path
but once you allow your thoughts to take over..this leads to chaos.
In these times, just remove yourself from the situation...look down upon it(almost like an out of body experience) and ask yourself.."what would my spirit like to me do in this instance...what does my true self want...what would love do???"
Love...does not do negativity..negativity feeds more negativity...anger feeds more anger...frustration feeds...yes, you've got it..more frustration!
Who does this affect the most?
In this moment , you then see there can be no other solution but to seek inner peace and to surrender to the situation whilst maintaining total integrity.
When you find peace in a situation only then can you come from a place of love.
Any negativity aiming towards you, deflect it...send it back to its source...but send it with love...truly,with love.
You will feel your heart will feel calm within...
Be kind to yourself!
Angel Blessings