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Friday 24th May, 2019 - Monday 27th May, 2019


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"We are all branches of the divine tree of life .... let our leaves blossom as the roots become enriched with the love we share with each other "

— CatherineRebecca


Inspirational Message

15th November, 2014

Believe in YOU

Sometimes you may feel that you are helpless to make a difference, not only in your own life, but also in the lives of those who share your life with, your loved ones, your friends, and really anyone who may need help in some way. You may say, how can i make a difference to this world?

Well I would say before you make a difference to the world, make a decision today to make a difference to you. Make a decision right now that you are going to allow your self to love yourself, to cherish yourself, to give to yourself and honour yourself.

You see, it starts with YOU. Make a decision today to stand tall and be you. You truly do have the power to change and make YOUR world a better place to be in. Take the bull by the horns and be empowered by your heart felt decisions.

Take each step at a time and if you feel tired then rest. Realise that there is no one like you in this world, so just be you. When you are being you, your light shines brighter. Your qualities begin to dance freely into the world, growing and expanding.

What is this quality, this essence of you blossoming into the meadow of life. It is YOU, the gift you share with this precious world and it's people.

So today dear friend, step into the light and simply be YOU.