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"We are all branches of the divine tree of life .... let our leaves blossom as the roots become enriched with the love we share with each other "

— CatherineRebecca


Inspirational Message

4th February, 2016

Me and my sacred energy prayer beads

Me and my
prayer / sacred energy beads -
Just to tell you a little about what takes place when I am making my prayer/sacred energy beads
The energy that I work with - the energy which bless the crystals which form the prayer beads is an energy from spirit which has CHOSEN to come to me - for me to channel their energy into these prayer beads. I do not force any energies through - I do not create for the sake of creating. This divine direct connection to spirit is my driving force - the reason I love what I do. And this is the reason why these prayer beads are powerful tools to work with.
Spirit hold me in such a beautiful , pure space that each time I am making the prayer beads I shed tears .... Purely from the immense love that surrounds me - it's a feeling like no other. I am so happy to say that my prayer beads are now selling worldwide and so the energy really is touching many parts of the globe. Spreading the love as we say.
The sacred energy beads can be used in many ways including - in prayer , healing, meditation ,
for de-stressing, evoking positive energy, connection to spirit and for realising your hopes and dreams.
I have channeled many energies , energies of which I know very little about in an "earthly, conscious" level .. I do not Google to learn more ... I do not ask advise from any earth experts ... My only point of information is direct from source ... And that's the way I will always create. It's organic ... It's profound ... It's true .... It's love at its purest. Not all my prayer beads are on the website as of yet but alongside many angelic energies , such as Michael, Raphael , etc .. I have also channeled ... Unicorn energy, Dragon , wolf , Isis , dolphin , wise old owl , divine goddess to name but a few and still the energies are lining up to be created so watch this space !
Thank you spirit for working so closely with me ... I feel very blessed.
Catherine Rebecca