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"We are all branches of the divine tree of life .... let our leaves blossom as the roots become enriched with the love we share with each other "

— CatherineRebecca

Inspirational Message

Dedicate a little time in your day to "YOU" time. Sit and hold your sculpture or prayer beads - and in doing this you are inviting a sacred divine energy into your space - feel into that energy - the purity and unconditional love which is especially for you....more


Holistic mystic event Dorking

Sunday 25th February, 2018 - Sunday 25th February, 2018


  • Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking RH5 6AA


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Butterfly kisses

butterfly bronze with rose quartz.JPG

Bronze butterfly with rose quartz heart


As the butterfly spreads its wings upon a sun lit meadow, we too are inspired to spread our wings and be who we wish to be. It is time to open your heart and follow your dreams, allowing love to guide us and lift us.

This beautfiul bronze butterfly is also made with specially chosen crystals to enlighten your world, these include selenite, angelite and celestite. Bronze is very grounding and will help you feel rooted and strong. Hold your butterfly often and lose yourself in the wonderful energy which surrounds and lifts you.

This butterfly comes with a rose quartz heart gemstone. If you would like a different gemstone heart please choose from jade, amethyst, dark blue goldstone, fluorite and blue laced agate. Comes with satin pouch and explanation booklet.


Size: 50mm x 70mm

Bronze butterfly with rose quartz heart

Price: £48.50