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"We are all one....a spark of divine energy...represented in many forms ...but a unity that holds us together- understood by few but present in all Namaste. Cat :) "

— Catherine Rebecca

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Angel necklaces

chamuel pendant white.jpg

Archangel Chamuel pendant


Chamuel comes from a place where there is no darkness... only PURE LIGHT, a place where there is no fear... only PURE LOVE and PEACEFULNESS. He comes to reassure you that all is completely ok.

The pendant encompasses three beings, the most majestic being Archangel Chamuel. This radiant being seeks to bring much light, warmth and understanding to your inner and outer worlds. Chamuel will work with you to build strong foundations for all relationships so that they are long lasting and meaningful. You will know he is with you as you will feel butterflies in your stomach and a pleasant tingling in your body.

The one standing directly below Chamuel is YOU. With this protection and light, he brings an immense feeling that all is ok. Along with that, you have a responsibility... that you too are the protector. You have the power to ensure the souls around you feel safe and reassured with the unconditional love that comes from you and Archangel Chamuel.

The third smaller figure represents those that you cherish, whether its your child(ren)... partners... parents... other family members... friends... anyone who is blessed enough to know you. You have the ability to help these souls feel as cherished and encapsulated with love as Archangel Chamuel ensures you feel.

As you hold and focus into your sculpture, begin to feel the immense love, warmth and protection he brings. Allow yourself just to sit in this uplifting feeling. With this feeling comes a great inner strength and wisdom. Feel your heart expand and become aware:

That In light... there is no darkness
That in contentment... there is no fear
That in clarity... there is no confusion
That in love... there is YOU

When your heart is light with love, your intentions become very clear, not only for yourself but for those cherished souls around you. In that loving vibration one truly understand that, the POWER of LOVE is far greater than the love of power.


The pendant is lovingly handmade and essentially is made of marble, of which will help you to feel grounded. The sculpture also contains Quartz, Angelite, Selenite and Celestite. Crystal energy that will help you to feel energised and connected to a higher vibrational energy. The pendant is blessed with Angelic energy and has been lovingly hand polished and feels very smooth to the touch.  

Comes with a choice of faux suede cord and in a satin pouch.

Colour cord available:    Purple   Pink   Blue    Green   Black 

Please specify the colour cord your require upon ordering. Additional cords can be purchased separately.





Size: 65mm

Archangel Chamuel pendant

Price: £21.50