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25th May, 2020: Hello. ...more


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When our energy is low , it's harder to believe there are light beings that can come into our space. But this is when we need them most and when they are there to help....more


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Sunday 10th December, 2019 -


  • 152 High Street
  • Ryde, Isle of Wight PO33 2HT


"Hug your memories But don't hold on to your past. Use what you have learned, To create bright new tomorrows. And in the meanwhile...enjoy today!"

— Catherine Rebecca


" Thank you Marco and Catherine for the special experience at the Conscious Life Expo. Immediately, when I saw Catherine I was drawn to their booth. To my surprise, the main item I was searching for at the event was at their booth. A unicorn sculpture!! " ...more

— Erica , Los Angeles , California

" Must share this with you as I Know Zak (my 11yr old) wont mind. He always keeps his two Angel statues that Marco made for him on his shelf by his bed and he came into my room this morning and said ..." I couldn't sleep last night and so I held my Angels and my nose stopped snuffling and my leg stopped hurting and I just drifted off to sleep feeling very peaceful" - how lovely is that ... He also stayed by himself in for the whole of Marco's talk and meditation this weekend at Gorton Monastery ... " ...more

— Catherine, Isle of Wight

" Thank you so much for the beautiful amethyst angel I purchased from you today at the monastery she is sooooo beautiful!!! The energy is fantastic and made with love! And thank you Marco for the loving angelic message you gave me it was soooo true. You was reading my very soul from your heart!! " ...more

— Deb,UK

" I bought my first piece after reading about Marco in Kindred Spirit a number of years ago and when I discovered he & Catherine were going to be at the MBS Event in London I made a special trip to see them for myself and I was blown away! I have a lovely collection of Archangels & both the bowls and the Angel Plaque is on the wall in my healing room. What more can I say? ♥

— Helen, UK

" I received my order earlier today, and while unpacking these beautifull creations, I got that beautifull little inspiration book in my hands. I was really curious and looked inside... It really made me cry... I don't know how, or what... " ...more

— Marianne, Belgium

" I have a wonderfull collection of these beautifull angels , love them all xxxx

— Marie, UK

" Having bought an angel Gabriel from you last year, I bought a prayer bowl when you were at Weymouth, this has helped me find the mental strength, peace, and joy I asked for help with through a most difficult time recently. Thank you too for your readings at the times of purchasing these. They were so what I needed to hear.

— Mary,UK

" the little peace dove arrived today, thank you she is beautiful. Will be a gift for a dear friend who is in need of peace and nurturing. She is ideal

— Mary, UK

" Being a spiritual healer , I was guided to Catherine and Marco's angelic creations:) not only are they blessed with a special gift in creating beautiful art work infused with magical crystals and angelic energy, they also are excellent international sellers with the added personal touch of making you feel special, I love all their creations and utilize mine in my healing work, thank you Catherine and Marco for sharing your angelic gift with the world much blessings to you both

— Paula, Melbourne,AUS

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